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Oshieruza, Awara Hot Spring Information Center

“Oshieruza” is a Fukui dialect literally meaning “I will tell you.” It was established in front of Awara yunomachi Station for collecting and transmitting information as the center of interaction between the local residents and sightseeing visitors. You can also rent bikes here. “Yumeguri tegata” or “Ticket for visiting hot springs” (1,500 yen / tax separate) can be used for a bathing ticket available up to three times at various hot spring facilities in Awara, including Haiya.

Awara Onsen Yataimura Yukemuri Yokocho (Awara Hot Spring Village of Food Stalls named “Steam Alley”)

Right in front of Echizen Railway “Awara yunomachi Station” lies Awara Hot Spring Village of Food Stalls named “Yukemuri Yokocho” (Steam Alley), where you can see a row of restaurants built like street stalls that serve food they pride themselves on such as seafood, oden (a dish consisting of various ingredients stewed in a thin soy sauce soup and served hot), gyoza, ramen, soba, etc. Recently, a footbath (ashiyu) was built close to this food stalls, adding further appeal to this tourist attraction. Why don’t you visit Yukemuri Yokocho (Steam Alley) while strolling around this area?

Footbath (Ashiyu) whose hot water flows directly from the hot spring source

The footbath in Awara hot spring, which was built using cypress and a lot of precious Shakudani stone that used to be mined in Fukui Prefecture, has the highest quality among other footbath facilities in Hokuriku region. The whole building is designed based on Taisho Roman style which thrived toward the end of the Taisho Era (1910— 1925) with gorgeous stained glass fixed for lighting with plum blossoms, irises, and geisha girls designed in it. Altogether five different types of footbath are available. At night, these footbaths as well as the stained glass are lit up, giving a fantastic atmosphere to the visitors.

Business hours From 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.
Day off Open all year round
Charge Charge-free

Awara onsen harumatsuri (Awara hot spring spring festival)

This is the festival of Yakushi Shrine, a guardian god of hot spring. In this spring festival, floats called “Sakura (cherry blossoms) float” and “Ningyo (doll) float” that are as gorgeous as full-blown cherry blossoms parade the streets of Awara hot spring.

Awara yukake matsuri (Awara hot spring water splashing festival)

This is the summer festival held at the multi-purpose square in front of Awara yunomachi Station and Awara hot spring district. During the festival, Yukake mikoshi (Yukake portable shrine) parades the streets and various pleasant stage events such as Japanese folk song night and so on are held.

Date Every August 8 to 9

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Haiya, a long-established Japanese inn

2-205 Onsen, Awara City, Fukui Prefecture 910-4104 JAPAN
TEL:0776-78-5555 FAX:0776-77-2424

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