Dishes and Alcohol Beverages

Exquisite taste of specially selected ingredients cooked by our skilled cooks

Our chef proudly serves you dishes cooked with plenty of seasonal ingredients fresh from local Echizen area. We also serve you formally arranged dinner with sake and other alcohol beverages using fresh seasonal luxury ingredients such as crabs, abalones, lobsters, etc. Please enjoy the moment of bliss relishing our exquisite dishes.

Fresh taste of seasonal ingredients

Fukui is blessed with fresh seasonal ingredients both from the mountains and from the sea of Hokuriku region rich in seafood. We cook these fresh ingredients of Fukui representing each season of the year for our guests. Please enjoy our specially selected dishes in a relaxed manner to your heart’s content cooked elaborately so that you can relish the best taste of each ingredient.

Echizen crab plan

Besides limited-time special plan using Echizen crabs landed in Mikuni port close to Awara, we have many other plans in which you can fully appreciate the taste of crabs throughout the year such as boiled crabs, crab sashimi, grilled crabs, kani nabe (a dish of crabs boiled and seasoned in a ceramic pot with other ingredients), etc.

Echizen crab plan

Specially ordered dishes

We use specially selected ingredients we recommend such as beef from Wakasa cattle, famous branded cattle in Fukui directly delivered from cattle farms, raw abalones caught along the coast of Fukui, etc.

Kaiseki ryori (a simple meal usually served before the tea ceremony)

Please spend blissful time relishing elaborately designed Kaiseki ryori pleasant to the eye.

We have a lot of local sake carefully selected for you by the young landlady of Haiya, a qualified sake advisor. Please do enjoy exquisite sake brewed in Fukui, a snowy country of Hokuriku region.

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