Takayoshi Tsukamoto, the chef of Haiya

Please enjoy the dishes and hot spring of Awara that I love so much.

Thank you very much for looking at the website of Haiya. I made cooking training to be a chef in Oni-iwa hot spring in Gifu Prefecture where I was born and raised. Subsequently, I continued my training at various Japanese style inns at hot springs, making research of local dishes. Japanese dishes and hot springs have long been pleasant leisure for Japanese. Of course, I am one of them. I have had a lot of experiences to improve my skill as a chef visiting various places in Japan.

Then I was attracted by abundant ingredients from the mountains and the sea of Fukui and my encounter with the landlady of Haiya at that time gave me an opportunity to work for Haiya in Awara City.

I hope you will visit Haiya by all means and have an opportunity to enjoy dishes and hot spring of Awara I love from the bottom of my heart.

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Haiya, a long-established Japanese inn

2-205 Onsen, Awara City, Fukui Prefecture 910-4104 JAPAN
TEL:0776-78-5555 FAX:0776-77-2424

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