Chiemi Makita, the young landlady of Haiya and a qualified sake advisor

Please enjoy comparing different taste of delicious high-quality sake brewed in the rich nature of Fukui.

Please enjoy delicious local sake of Fukui to your heart’s content with "a set of sake", specially selected brands of sake in Fukui, served by our young landlady after selecting the best ones that fit each season and specific dishes served.

Our motto is to entertain our guests with thoughtful hospitality.

Fukui Prefecture is famous for delicious rice and good, pure water. All the members of Awara Hot Spring Landladies’ Society acquired the qualification of sake advisors in 2013 with the hope to convey the appeal of delicious local sake of Fukui to our guests produced wholeheartedly by the local brewers using excellent rice and water of Fukui. We propose the best local sake to fit the dishes cooked with fresh seasonal ingredients. Now, first of all, please try a set of sake our young landlady recommend you.

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Haiya, a long-established Japanese inn

2-205 Onsen, Awara City, Fukui Prefecture 910-4104 JAPAN
TEL:0776-78-5555 FAX:0776-77-2424

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