Privacy Policy

Handling of personal information

Haiya, a traditional onsen ryokan with warm hospitality, hereinafter referred to as “We”, has handled personal information of our guests in accordance with relevant laws and acts.

Intended use of personal information

Personal information of our guests (name, address, phone number, email address, place of work, nationality or passport number of the guests from abroad, request items in case of providing services like dishes, etc.) have been used by us exclusively for the purposes listed below.

  1. Offering services such as lodging, meals, etc.
  2. Contact with the guests for confirming reservation etc.
  3. Improvement of our services for the guests
  4. Information of our accommodation plans (sent only to the guests from whom we obtained approval)
  5. Stipulation of laws and acts

Provision of information to the third party is made exclusively in the cases listed below.

We do not provide any third party with personal information of our guests except for the cases listed below.

  1. In case of request from the guests such as reservation arrangement of other sightseeing facilities
  2. In the case where travel agencies that guests accessed require a report from us
  3. In case of sudden illness or injuries of the guests requiring urgent medical care and occurrence of difficulty in getting their consent
  4. In case of cosigning a part of our service to our cooperative companies
  5. In the case where we are requested to provide information in accordance with relevant laws and acts

Management of personal information

Regarding management of personal information, we take required security control measures based on Personal Information Protection Law and its relevant laws and acts. We manage personal information thoroughly based on proper method of storage and use. We instruct our employees to have sufficient knowledge on the contents of relevant manuals so that they can handle personal information in a responsible manner. We take required safety measures by concluding non-disclosure agreement with our cooperative companies to which we consign our service.

Observance of laws and other criterions regarding personal information

We observe Japanese laws and other criterions on handling of personal information of our guests.

Request of suspension of use or correction by our guests

In the case where request for disclosure is made by the guest him/herself regarding the registered contents of personal information of the said guest, we disclose relevant information immediately. Should we have any reason for not being able to disclose it, we give him/her detailed explanation. In the case where we have a request of suspension of our using personal information by our guest, we respond to it quickly within the limits of laws on condition that collecting of credits is completed and debts are settled between the said guest and us.



Haiya, a long-established onsen ryokan in Awara hot spring with warm hospitality

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Haiya, a long-established Japanese inn

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