Hot Spring & Big Bath

Awara hot spring offers you healing and skin-beautifying effect.

Abundant hot spring water gushing out of the wellspring inside the premises of Haiya is good for various diseases of the nervous system, muscle pain and arthralgia, gastrointestinal disorder, etc. It also has skin-beautifying effect.

陽だまりの湯 Hidamari no yu

big bath

Garden rocks you can see from the big bath present you varied beauty of each season. Please enjoy our bath full of refined atmosphere of traditional onsen ryokan.

Open-air rock bath

When you take an open-air bath, you can feel special atmosphere of a hot spring inn of Awara surrounded by different beautiful views of four seasons.


Neburo is a bath with a shallow bathtub in which you lie down in the comfortable hot water in a relaxed manner. You can enjoy watching beautiful Japanese garden while bathing.

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木もれ日の湯 Komorebi no yu

Open-air bath

Please heal your fatigue from your daily life by soaking in the bathtub in a relaxed manner watching the cascade of hot spring water running down beside the bathtub.

big bath

A big bath built by using plenty of wood gives you a profound atmosphere of a traditional Japanese hot spring. After taking a bath, you can relax at the space beside a dressing room and neat washing stands with large mirrors.

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Effect of hot spring water

The spring quality of Awara hot spring consists of weak saline water which is good for various diseases of nervous system, muscle pain, arthralgia, and gastrointestinal disorder. Drinking hot spring water is also good for these diseases and disorder. Having a massage after bathing further heightens the effects described above.

Some senior people say after moving their fingers in the hot spring water every day, they could bend their fingers more smoothly. Moreover, since Awara hot spring is located close to the ocean, the spring water contains slight salt, which has skin-beautifying effect. This is especially good news for female guests.

The temperature of hot spring water in Haiya is about 40 degrees in Celsius, which is not too hot and not too lukewarm. Please take our hot spring bath in a relaxed manner and check the efficacy by yourself.

Spring quality Natrium chloride spring & weak saline spring
Efficacy Neuralgia, rheumatism, external injuries, bone fracture, burn, hemorrhoid, women’s diseases, arthralgia, muscle pain, recuperation after illnesses, frozen shoulder, digestive system disorder, and sensitivity to cold

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Haiya, a long-established Japanese inn

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